Forensic reconstruction of the ECA Skull

Surgeons' Hall Museum

Reconstruction by Forensic Artist, Gillian Taylor Reconstruction by Forensic Artist, Gillian Taylor

This week’s blog is written by Gillian Taylor, Forensic Artist and friend of the Museum. Gillian’s forensic reconstruction work for the Word of Mouth project gave new and valuable insight into the identity of the ECA skull, revealing appearance, gender and age.

As a forensic artist, I was asked to do a facial reconstruction of the ECA skull. Usually, the majority of my reconstruction work involves a detailed analysis of the skull to identify anthropological features (such as the size and shape of the nose, muscle attachments, etc.), and when compared with current research, to help identify the sex, age and ancestry of the subject.

For me, one particular part of the analysis is always the most revealing – the nature of the features. So, I thought you might like to hear what I discovered about this skull.

The fissure (the exposed part of the eye) is identified…

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